Welcome to the sixth edition of the Lowlands Throwdown!

The Lowlands Throwdown competition is open for everyone, but we have a unique qualification process compared to other competitions. Qualification is through live competition at one of the participating CrossFit Affiliates at either September 5 or 6. The final is at OmniSport in Apeldoorn at October 3 and 4.

Ranking 2015

4 okt. 20:00. It is with great regret that we must announce a retraction of the earlier announced ranking. The scoring was incorrectly calculated. The points for event 6C were not assigned correctly such that some athletes received points while others received no points for the work they accomplished. It is critical that we correct this mistake therefore the former ranking and scoring is no longer valid and the current ranking and scores are:

Elite Male
1. Guillaume Magnouat
2. Pepijn Leppers
3. Kristof Horvath

Elite Female
1. Sigrid Koolhaas
2. Esther Wiersma
3. Leonie Henrich

Master Male
1. Olivier Leoty
2. Zsigmond Nagy
3. Mathijs van den Berg

Master Female
1. Marcha van Glaanen Weijgel
2. Brita Fritsch
3. Ciska Heida

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